Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sisters -- Akiko SWF 1.5

Replace old files with the updated set. This will be the last upgrade.

SWF -- 83 MB


  1. Awesome work here. Are you going to be doing more from SISTERS? That would be sweet.

  2. Nope. Not unless i have a willing fan to pay up front for commissioned work. These sets take an incredible amount of time to complete, and i'm also not too fond of the sisters. Thanks for your support. I'm not 100% sure yet what my next set will be.

  3. I have just discovered your blog this month i do say i am impressed by your work. I have downloaded about 70% of everything uve uploaded so far and im even more surprised is that there is no broken links. Your work for the community is greatly appreciated.

  4. Did you happen to find me through 4chan? It's always nice to hear from fans, cause 90% of the time its tumbleweeds around here :(

    Thanks for checking my dl links. I haven't checked those things in forever, but i'm glad to hear everything is still up. I attribute that to the fact i hardly ever upload and hardly get any traffic. Not really something to be proud of, but it helps me stay under the radar at Mediafire.

    So which of the projects i've done do you like the most?

  5. Well on my search for more Inshoku Chikan Densha i was search e-hentai and they all most but not all and they were all gifs. Then i stumbled across a good idea and typed Inshoku Chikan Densha Swf look who comes up first XD. After that i found the rare reversible pack and proceeded to download everything.

    Hmmm that is good question but i have to give to 2 Inshoku Chikan Densha series. But in terms of work i would give it to sisters since it's well done. But alas like the first person said i am more of a fan of the actually sisters so that keeps it shy from 1st.

    Hope the feedback helped. And oh if your looking for more traffic you should try Nihonomaru. But if you do get too popular over there your links will most likely die.

  6. Oh? It surprises me to hear there are people looking for swf hentai sets. My lofty goal back then when making that Inshoku rip was to get more people to buy into swf sets instead of gif (because of the huge degradation in color/quality in newer games).

    In the near future i will make a no voiceover swf set for the sisters in Sisters. In the far future, the In games.

    I used to post all my work back on hongfire (back when they allowed pirated downloads), but now i put it on 4chan or E-hentai. On second thought, it's probably because i rarely upload that my account is still around.