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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


My laptop kicked the bucket today after 5 years. I'm currently typing this on a desktop from 2003, and lemme tell you, it ain't pretty. Until i get a new laptop, i won't be uploading any new content for a while. Thanks for your patience and dedication coming to this blog.

*UPDATE 1: Laptop revived mysteriously! However, my keyboard is borked. Was able to back-up the goods.


  1. I had my laptop infected with a virus, so I stopped using it for awhile. Went to take it to get fixed, powered it up for the guy to show him what was wrong, and the damn thing started up just fine, like nothing was wrong (Good thing I had a clean picture as my wallpaper :) .)

  2. Had a friend that also experienced the same thing with his laptop many moons ago. Anyway, if i had lost all my work, i would of been durn devastated.