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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Urotsukidoji -- Climax Horror

Also known as Legend of the Overfiend, one of or if not the most infamous anime in history. Reading up on it was banned or heavily censored in numerous countries. Watching it the past week it's kinda tame by today's standards, although it has some legitimately creepy creature design. Most of the animations in this pack come from the much maligned New Saga, but i would argue New Saga has much better sex scenes than the original (which has a really whacked out plot that's the focus).

WARNING: this pack depicts gruesome deaths. You've been warned :P

H.265 MKV -- 74 MB


  1. unfortunately plays audio only for me no video.

    1. Have you updated your codecs? H265 is fairly new. VLC player would also work.